"The Light Inside"
Electric lights, wires, metal and paint, site-specific permanent installation at The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Texas
Courtesy Museum of Fine Arts, Houston

"It's something for a child to be introduced to the Meeting...this time when you are no longer in first day of school, but you actually come and join the Meeting. And my grandmother was trying to tell me what you did. So her explanation to me was you went inside to greet the light. And this idea, to go inside to find that light within, literally, as well as figuratively, was something that really propelled me at the time. I really thought that that's what I should do. Of course, I'm still trying to figure out exactly what she meant. But I like that quality."

"[The Quaker aka "Religious Society of Friends"] George Fox talked about the light, both in a literal and a figurative sense, or allegorical sense. And a lot of it is the revelation, which is a light, as in a bright idea can light, but it always says this image of light, and so I was very interested in this literal look at it, actually greeting this light that you find in meditation, and following that. But, that's not its entire meaning, and I think that that's why I just express it that way. But it's certainly something that I've related to and like."
- James Turrell

Turrell is recreating a story - reinterpreting it through light.

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