My point is to raise awareness of the energy one has and the energy one can make by installing these wind powered and electric generating bikes in public and private spaces.  In this sense, these bikes become a natural element in the environment such as furniture in a home.  Below are some examples, ridiculous as they may be, where wind powered energy bikes can be installed in the home. 

Ride to build energy for a film projector to run:

Since you need dim lighting to see the film the room must be somewhat dark.  With that said, you enter the room.  Get on the bike and start pedaling, crank or turn the nobs to start generating and collecting energy.  Once enough energy is collected an 8mm film from the past will be projected on the wall before the biker.  The sound of the reel, the flickr of the images, and momentum from the cycling will motivate the biker to keep on working towards a good sweat.  Finding their own pace of how they want to ingest memories and keep them coming is for them to figure out.   

Click here to see the type of films that will be screened to trigger memory.

This is related to my other sweaty bike for sustainability series: Building Something Out of Nothing (BSOON)

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