A way to show the generative elements of Wind In Hair the wind from the is blowing a field of pinwheels.  Wind is only seen by the effect of what it does.  In this situation wind is blowing wind generating more forces all the while the biker is creating the tornado.  In this sense, human energy > bike as fan > pinwheels > a setting full of wind generating more wind.

Concept: Ride a stationary bike until you reach the outermost level of pinwheels
Game Mechanics: 1. get on a bike 2. start pedaling to get the pinwheels to blow in the wind 3. see how far you can get the pinwheels to spin
Location: Anywhere with a large space, preferably in a large field
Side Note: The bike and the pinwheels will be hooked up to a battery to store the energy built.  The collected energy will then be put towards something useful specific to that location.  For example, a street lamp, farmer's tools, etc.

Now imagine a field of these blowing from the energy you created:

Here's a really complicated pinwheel.  Good to know:

Optical illusions are fun and easy to do:

The 'wind in hair' reminded me of Bjork's video:

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